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Summer vibes

We got the powa


Leg day!


Post Workout

Train Beach Club

Kettlebell killer

On Stage

Competitive bodybuilding


Outdoor workouts hit different!

Super Heroes

Unleash your super powers!


Boost your serotonin!

Uphill sprint

Uphill sprint at Circo Massimo

Sunny day

Sun kissed & buffed.

Wall sit (tree version)

Boxercise in progress.

Juvenia Sports & Fitness

This is Tiring..

Circo Massimo Event

Plenty of fun!

Happy Squad!

Exercise releases your happy hormones!

Bridge time!

Try new things as it promotes growth.

Girl Power!

Motivation goes a long way.

Get fit

You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them!

Kb variations

Some Ketllebell variations!

Russian twists

Feel those obliques with Russian twists!

Mix it up!

Mix up your workouts like your salad.

What's stopping you?

Your only limit is you!

Squad goals!


Epic Transformation

Rome was not built in a day but he felt better after a single session!

Spread positivity

Good fellas!

Boxing session

Improve self defense, burn fat, gain agility and feel awesome boxercise sessions!

Discus Transverse Rotations

Form, technique and injury prevention are all very important.

We are consistent!

Live, Laugh, Love and Workout!

Team Caffarella

That was fun!

Team Power

positive people, positive vibes!


Hard work pays off!


Stay fit and stay happy!

Super Sunday

Sunday's group class!

Jefferson squats

These require practice, posture control and strong core. Damn these are hard!

Glute fitness

Resistance bands offer a variety of exercises for the glutes.

Upper back attack!

Great movement for improving the posture.

Enjoying the weather

Nice weather and workout. Killer combo!


Stretching is a great tool to neutralize overactive muscles and get relief from pain.

Fit Republic

Building the community together!

Calves are our second heart

Never ignore the lower body specially your calves!

Ponte Della Musica

A great location to exercise!

Train insane or remain the same

Our body adapts to exercise quickly so changing it up and pushing the limit is a must to get results.

Team effort

Together we feel more motivated!

KO8 Bungee mode

With bungee or elastic mode, we can achieve cardio conditioning and improved strength.

KO8 workout

KO8 workout is a great way to strengthen the body by using our own body weight.

Booty Building

Resistance bands are very effective in developing the glutes with the right movements.

Kettlebell routine

It's vital to get the heart rate high during exercise to achieve the targeted intensity.

Triceps Dip routine

Use anything you can find to workout safely and efficiently.

Back Attack

Strengthening the lower back while engaging glutes and hamstrings.

Group class in action

Crisscrosses for core.

Personal Training for 2

Session in progress: Resistance band exercise.

Fit people

Even bad weather didn't stop them from getting it done!

Foro Italico

Stretching and core exercises are very crucial for overall well being.

Online Group Class

During the lockdown it is very crucial to stay active as long durations of inactivity leads a to sluggish mind and body which will make it difficult to start exercise again.

Castel Sant'Angelo

Working on postural correction is of utmost importance. Bad posture leads to injuries.

Online session

Getting it done where ever possible!

The last class before lockdown.

Sadly we will be having a lockdown soon so the group classes will resume after lockdown.

Positive vibes

It's a blessing to meet positive people in my field.

Start exercise early.

The earlier you start fitness the better.


Thanks to Phyto Garda for giving free samples to the participants.

We are all about winning!

April 28th, 2021

Group Class Launch

Enjoy the group classes in the beautiful ambience of Villa Borghese.

Dream Team

A group photo is a tradition after every group class.

Train Beach Club

Enjoying the sun at Train Beach Club, Dubai.

Workout Time

Chest day.

Group class for GMG

GMG corporate executives group class at Engine Health and Fitness, Dubai.

Engine Health and Fitness

Relaxing between training sessions.


Good times

Cheering up the group

Building a community.


With one of my students.

Weekend Workout

Cheering everyone after a Body pump class.

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